Legal services

My legal services are global und reach from simple legal adivce to legal representation.

Legal advice

I clarify legal questions of every description for you and establish according to your requirements simple legal advice or legal opinions. Clearing up about chances and risks of a lawsuit is of course also included.

Legal mediation

In several cases it's possible to adjust legal misunderstandig out of court by proceedings. I optionally support you in equal correspondences an proceedings.

Legal acts

If it's possible to reach an agreement on the occasion of proceedings, it's important to stipulate that. In general contracts as well as unilateral legal acts are important in our community to grant a regular living together as good as possible. I review contracts and elaborate contracts that are convenient to your individual situation or for documented legal acts as for example testaments or land purchase contracts.

Legal representation

If reaching an agreement is impossible, it' s necessary to review legal measures. As in the register of lawyers of canton Zug registered lawer I am with equal letter of attorney allowed to represent you at every authority or court all over Switzerland. Demanding als well as defending legal claims are included in my services, also in the fields of gratuitous judicature and assigned counsel. I also represent your legal concerns in the context of a precautionary measure.