Fields of law

I offer my legal services in all fields of private, public and penal law as well as procedural law, especially in following fields of law:

  • Matrimonial property law (e.g. matrimonial property agreements)
  • Tutelage law (e.g. precautionary authorities)
  • Inheritance law (e.g. testaments, contracts of inheritance)
  • Real estate law (e.g. condominum apartment, neighbour law)
  • Tenancy law
  • Contract law (e.g. mandates, employment law, contracts for services)
  • Company law
  • Liability law
  • Law on debt execution
  • Law on civil procedure
  • Penal law (e.g. defamation, offences against property)
  • Law on criminal procedure
  • Law on execution of a sentence
  • Tax law of natural persons
  • Building law
  • Law on administrative procedure